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How to add custom functionality in the viewer



How can we customize the look and feel of the viewer added through iframe element. For example, removing the upper ribbon containing various icons etc.

Also, how can we add custom functionality like for example a button that first rotates the document and then downloads it. Is it possible to create buttons with custom functionality in the viewer?

Can you please also guide if there are function calls available in the Total SDK for zoom in, zoom out, rotate pages etc?

Thanks in advance.



Thank you for the question. To customize the look you can use configurations available in your GroupDocs account settings like show on this screenshot.

As for the custom functional - unfortunately this is not possible because of the cross domain browser restrictions.

Sorry but functional such as zoom in/out, page rotate etc. doesn’t available in the SDK, you can use them only from the embedded Viewer dashboard because of the same reasons as adding custom elements to the iframe.

Best regards.