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How to change the style of difference in result file using document comparison API for .NET


how to change the style when difference is style change? i am using “StyleChangedItemsStyle” to modify the color, but the color is still green,not addition, can i add tooltip infomation?

Best Regard!


Hi Eric,

Thank you for giving a try to GroupDocs.Comparison API.

To investigate “StyleChangedItemsStyle” feature , we need some more information from you like:

  • GroupDocs.Comparison API version ?
  • Sample code?
  • Sample files ?

Please provide us these details so we can help you more specifically.

Warm Regards,

i am using the 3.2.0 version,please refer to the file in the attachment.
the code is below:

GroupDocs.Comparison.Comparison comparison = new Comparison();
ComparisonSettings coms = new ComparisonSettings();
coms.StyleChangeDetection = true;
coms.InsertedItemsStyle.Color = Color.Blue;
coms.DeletedItemsStyle.Color = Color.Yellow;
StyleSettings st = new StyleSettings();
st.Color = Color.Red;
st.IsBold = true;
st.IsItalic = true;
st.IsUnderlined = true;
st.Size = 10;
coms.ExceptionSilentMode = true;
coms.GenerateSummaryPage = true;
Stream result = comparison.Compare("source.docx", "target.docx", "result.docx", ComparisonType.Words,coms);


Thank you for the details, we have reproduced your raised issue and notified it to the product team, once we have any update from product team we will update you here.

“Tooltip” feature is not available in current GroupDocs.Comparison API 3.2.0, we asked product team to incorporate if this feature is feasible.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Warm Regards,