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How to compare PNG images in .NET

Hi there,

We are planning to purchase group doc licensed tool. However we have some queries before that.

Can i compare two images with textual content.?source.PNG (28.0 KB)
target.PNG (32.1 KB)

i have run your comparision after downloading a temp key. It is working fine on docx and pdf but not for PNG. Does groupdoc comparision support PNG image comparisons?
PFA sample png i used for comparision.



Please tell us either you are using API for .NET or Java platform. We’ll then assist you accordingly.

we are using .NET api.


Thanks for the details.
Please note that API doesn’t provide such a comparison possibility in case of images. In case of images, API performs a pixel to pixel comparison. It starts image comparison with the upper left corner and compares the entire image pixel by pixel. If the pixels are same, it moves on to the next one and so on until it finds difference.
However, we have logged your concerns in our internal issue tracking system with ID: COMPARISONNET-2096. We’ll investigate and implement OCR (optical character recognition) mechanism in order to do text comparison of images. But ETA couldn’t be shared at the moment.

Thanks for the response!

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You are welcome. Please go through this blog post regarding image comparison.