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How to convert an XLSX file to Image in Java


I had this question before :

How does the Excel to Image conversion work ? I have a .xlsx document with 20 000 rows and 4 columns and I only get one very long, blank picture. When I try to convert the .xlsx to PDF I only get one PDF page, with 50 rows and one column. Can you please suggest a solution to this, thanks.

I was told that it is being worked on this issue few months ago.
Can you please tell me the status of this ? Has it been fixed.


We apologize for the inconvenience. If you already have reported this issue on GroupDocs forum, please share with us the link of that topic or post a reply there. We shall be looking forward to hear from you.

Thanks for your reply

I could not find my post. Looks like it has been removed.


Your post/thread is successfully located in our database. We are pleased to inform you that the reported issue is resolved. Please download the latest version of the API that is 17.3.0, integrate it in the project and share your experience. Please find the attached sample (provided by you at the first place) and output documents.
sample-output (77.8 KB)

Awesome ! Thank you!


Thanks for your feedback. If you face any further issue, do let us know.