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How to convert docx to image using Java

I tested it with github’s Example source. (

Most were working normally, but Image conversion failed like attachments.
Can you tell me why?

I use Example document in github’s SourceFiles.,

Thanks for giving a try to GroupDocs.Conversion for Java.
Please provide us following information in order to investigate your issue:
  • Which version of the API you integrated in the project?
  • Please share problematic file(s) with us.

I used version 17.3.0. (I built it using the original source of github Showcases.)

attached the original file I used for the test.

thanks for your help.,

We are not able to reproduce this issue at our end. Please find the output images generated by the showcase project. We used demo.docx as source document.
In order to find root cause of the issue, we need to know all the possible changes you made in the showcase project.

Many Thanks

I recently purchased a license and found that it was converted normally in the same environment. If do not apply the license, it does not seem to convert normally.,

Good to know that. Actually API has trial limits. When you evaluate the API in trial mode, documents with more than 3 pages are not supported.