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How to deploy Java API in server


I am trying to deploy the viewer in server but I do not know how to do it. Is there any documentation or explanation that can help me on what file that I need to include in my Java application?


I’m sorry for the delayed response. In case you’re trying to deploy a Spring Boot app you can check Deploying Spring Boot Applications blog post to get started. Please share what is your deployment target.


I am trying to deploy in my Websphere server. My program does not have pom.xml since we are using REST API. Is it possible to deploy without pom.xml?


Typically you don’t need pom file at the deployment location in case you have already built a jar file.

I am using Java EE and not Spring. So do I need to create a servlet to call the class or how do I implement this in servlet?


Our product is packed to JAR file. You can use it as any other JAR library in Java. As for servlets, usually you should put JAR file (GroupDocs.Viewer.jar) to WEB-INF/lib/ directory in your application.

Another option is to put it to the directory, where server (WebSphere) is looking for it. To find out where is those directory, read server documentation. After connecting JAR file you can use Viewer’s classes the same way you use any other classes.

Viewer itself does not have any UI, but we have free example of UI, that is written with Angular. Here is link to the repository. There are also links to Spring and Dropwizard samples in which you can see how to use the UI.


Great Thank you !


You’re welcome!