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How to download the pdf file


How to download the pdf file?


Hi xiaoyuwan,

Thanks for posting your query.

Please provide us a detailed information about your inquiry. If you are using some open source sample front end then please mention its name. Also, please always mention the API version while creating a new forum post.

Thanks for your cooperation.

Warm Regards



Here is the information from the .lic file:


I set the two properties of these two methods as "true" and the download button showed but it didn't work.




Hi xiaoyuwan,

Thanks for the details.

Please also mention that whether you are using any of our open source front ends (e-g Webforms Front End, Legacy Front End )?

Warm Regards


This project is not developed by me.

And it seems that it doesn't contain open source front ends.

It just downloads the filestream as the source of [.stream] and then init the viewer.


Hi Xiaoyuwan,

Looks like you use the old version of the Viewer 2.x version. To resolve your issue there is a two variants:

1. Contact our sales to get the license file for the old version of the library. But you should note that the 2.x versions of the Viewer doesn’t supported any more.
2. Migrate to the new 3.x version of the Viewer - this is a best way for you if you want to get a fixes and new features. For how to migrate please check our documentation here.

Best regards.