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How to enable disable print screen feature in Groupdocs

Dear Team, I currently run kentico CMS for my intranet website and I use groupdocs viewer.NET plugin to protect pages. I want to disable print screen on the viewer. How can I edit my plugin code to achieve this. This is pretty urgent. Please assist.


Thanks for sharing your issue with us.

I am afraid that the support for the plugin to integrate GroupDocs.Viewer into Kentico CMS has been discontinued. The plugin was based on an older version of GroupDocs.Viewer which is now obsolete and its support has been discontinued as well.

It is important to inform you that we have released next-generation GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET API which is a stand-alone, back-end API to render the supported document formats. The front end UI has been disintegrated from the API and now, you will have to create your own front-end application to display/view the rendered document pages. For more details, please visit the documentation.