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How to export first image from PDF on JPG conversion


I am trying to use the conversion product to create a thumbnail image of a PDF. It’s a 3 page PDF. The conversion to JPG works but it creates a zip with the three pages converted to JPG. I only want the first one. I suppose I can extract it from the zip myself but wondered if there was an easier way.



Thank you for the request. Yes, you are right unfortunately there is no other way to save the result images with out zip. Since that you should create a function which will get the first image from the zip package.

Best regards.


Hi Pavel,

Is this something that is in the Road Map for the product (the ability to ask for and receive only the first page of the document in the conversion)?



Hi Justin,

Thank you for coming back. Unfortunately no, if more of our paid users will ask for the similar functional we will add it to our road map and notify you.

Best regards.