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How to install or make googledocs works on premise Linux server with drupal


I just downloaded the trial but I have no idea how to install the product or how make it work with my linux server and drupal.
Please if you have any documentation or guide to do it is going to be appreciate it.


Thank you for your inquiry.

To integrate our GroupDocs.Viewer for Java library into Drupal CMS you should do next:

- Download and install our library from here .
- Download one of our samples (Dropwizard , Spring or Servlet) by this link and run it. With the samples we have provided detailed instruction for how to run the sample.
- You can use our plugin for Drupal CMS for integrate GroupDocs.Viewer for Java library into the Drupal CMS or you can use a documentation for how to integrate our library into PHP web application, that described here and independently integrate our library.

If you will use our plugin , then please investigate a manual installation instruction for this plugin, that described in readme file for this plugin.

Also you can try to use our GroupDocs.Viewer for Cloud service to view your documents in the Drupal CMS. We also have a plugin for it here . But the service hasn't all features, that has our stand alone Java library.

If you will have more questions please feel free to contact us.


Best regards,
Evgen Efimov
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