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How to load/view a large document full at a time using .NET

Hi Team,

I have a document (MS Word) with 10 pages, can we load document completely (all pages on page load) instead of loading on scroll.

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GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET API basically renders the source document to HTML, image or PDF format and later this output or the rendered files could be displayed in the browser or any application (e.g. Windows form). Now, it’s up to your use-case either you want to load the rendered files completely or one by one on scroll down.
Can you please share following information:

  • API variant you are using (.NET or Java)
  • API version (e.g. 19.10, 20.4)

I am using .NET API
How can I find the API Version ?

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In your project reference, you will see GroupDocs.Viewer DLL. Click on its properties, you will see version details there.
Can you please also share your sample application with us?
We’d recommend you to explore this open-source project and have a look at this video demo.

I am using api version 2.16

The below our project requirement sample,

When I click on any of the buttons (like in the below screen shot ‘SharePoint Online, IT Responsibilities and etc.’) it should search for specific text in the document viewer from the out side of the document viewer.

image.png (108.8 KB)

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You are using a very old version of API that has been discontinued. Please have a look at this application, it uses latest version of the API that is 20.4. If you want to develop your own document viewer application, we have have a lot of helping resources for your ease:

API Documentation
Sample condole application
Open-source UI project
Video demo