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How to preview a scanned PDF using document viewer API in .NET

Hello,there is a question when I use GroupDocs.Viewer to preview a pdf document.The pdf is a scanning document generated by scanner,so when I preview it ,I set “isimage”=true ,but it failed,the result of preview,like this123.png (11.2 KB).
in cache directory ,I found images generated by GroupDocs.VIewer,but they also don’t have any content,it also is a whole cyan image.
what can I do to resolve this question,thank you vary much!
(This document only has two pages,but it is 8.8M,Is it related to this?)


Please provide us the following details so that we can investigate your reported issue at our end.

  • Platform (.NET or Java)
  • Version of GroupDocs.Viewer
  • Problematic PDF document

Ok,in our application, we use GroupDocs.Viewer for .Net 17.2.0,But I can’t give you this document in reply because of our company’s agreement,Can you give me your email,I will send the PDF document to you by Email.


In that case, you can send that document to me in a Private Message (see how to send a private message).

I tried to send the problematic PDF document in the private message,but unfortunately the document is too large to send to you by this way,because the maximun size is 4096KB, but the document is 8.8M,so which way can I send it to you?
Thank you very much!


You can upload the document to some cloud storage, such as Google Drive, Dropbox etc. and then send me its shareable link/URL in private message.


Thanks for providing the problematic PDF document. We are able to reproduce your reported behavior using GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET 17.2.0, however, this issue has been fixed since version 17.12.0. Therefore, we will recommend you to upgrade the API to v17.12.0 or greater.

Hi usman, I am using GroupDocs.Viewer(version- and runtime version - v2.0.50727,
while uploading email having large image embedded in it along with text , it is not rendering whole image , it is getting cropped.
tried uploading same email in
Issue is coming there too.


To avoid any confusion, I have created a separate topic to address your issue. Please keep track of it for further updates.