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How to render a default file in WebForms demo project using document viewer API


I am using GroupDocs Viewer for .NET WebForms. Is there any way to load an initial document whitout selecting it manually?



Yes, you can configure this in configuration.yml file. Just specify the path of the document by setting defaultDocument and the document with be displayed without requiring manual selection.

Hi usman.azis,

Thanks for the info.

How do I have to put the file path (absolute directory or relative directory)? Can I use a file save in c:, right?

Another question, to change for example the tooltips or the main text (“viewer”) that appears in the toolbar, is possible to so it by configuration?


Yes, you can provide the absolute path of the document. The application should have permissions to access the location where the document is located.

You can not customize the content in the toolbar via configuration. Instead, you can do it by extending the viewer app component and perform UI or any other changes in your custom component files. You can download sample custom component files from here, copy them in \client\apps\viewer\src\app\ folder (replacing the existing files) in your project and modify them as per your requirements. Hope it helps.

Dear team,
im unable to load the default document even after setting it up in configuration.yml.

I user Apose.Total to render the documents dynamically, but unable to set the defaultdocument on the fly. tried to change the path in viewconfig as well

Appreciate your response on this issue


We are able to observe your reported behavior at our end. This issue has been logged as issue #60 on the GitHub repository. We shall let you know as soon as we have any updates on it.


Your reported issue, logged as Issue #60, has been fixed.