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How to render a multi TIFF to PNG in Java

Hi ,

When I try to view any multitiff file it shows me only first image. It does not show other images. Could you please let me know how multitiff behaves in gorupdocs.


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Can you please provide the following details:

  • API variant that you are using (Java or .NET)
  • API version (e.g. 19.10, 20.4)
  • Sample code
  • Source and output files

We are using Java version 1.8
Groupdocs conversion 19.4 jar


We’d recommend you to use latest release of the API that is 20.7. We can render a multi-paged TIFF file to multiple PNGs. Have a look at the sample code:

License lic = new License();
lic.setLicense("D:\\license file");
String outputDirectory = ("D:\\");
String pageFilePathFormat = new File(outputDirectory, "page_{0}.png").getPath();
PngViewOptions viewOptions = new PngViewOptions(pageFilePathFormat);

Viewer viewer = new Viewer("D:\\multipage_tiff_example.tif");
viewer.close(); (1.8 MB) you can download sample and output files.

ok thanks will try out and let you know if I face any further issues.

Arwa Kurawar

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You’re welcome.