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How to render a Word document using C#

Customer has some questions about GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET.
Please see attached file and help.
Thank you !

Questions.pdf (182.8 KB)

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Please share with us the following details so that we can investigate your reported issue at our end.

  • Version of GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET that you are using
  • Source code (could be a sample console application) that can be used to reproduce the issue
  • Problematic Word document


The customer’s account is not working but they have asked me to post this here for (50.1 KB)


We have tried rendering the provide Word document using the latest version of GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET but could not reproduce the customer’s issue at our end. Please download the rendered output for reference. Could you please ask the customer to share the version of GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET that he is using?


The customer’s account still hasn’t been sorted but but they have told us that it is

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We have checked the customer’s issue with v18.12 as well but could not reproduce it at our end. The sample application that we have used can be downloaded from here as a reference. The application renders the sample.docx document and saves the results in the Storage folder which is located in the root directory. If possible, please ask the customer to share with us the complete source code (without compilation errors) that can be used to replicate the issue.


When they copy the form from excel and paste it to word as pic, the second page cannot be shown correctly.

Original ->0722-1.png

Error -> 0722-2.png

Original file -> 0712.rar

Thank you, looking forward to your reply soon.

0722-1.png (48.3 KB)
0722-2.png (13.2 KB)
0712-異常範本.zip (26.3 KB)


After a detailed investigation, we observed that API is rendering the second page of the document without any issue, see page_2. However, the reported issue was reproduced when we merged the generated HTML pages into a single HTML file, see merged page_2 (the complete rendering results can be downloaded from here). Therefore, it is necessary to confirm it from the customer whether he is merging the HTML pages into a single HTML file or he might have been rendering/embedding the HTML pages altogether in his web page. Once confirmed, we would be in a better position to provide the solution.

Dear team,
Thanks for your reply!

Our customer just use the “Get Page” function to get pages totally then add each page into it.
Also the pages you create also have appearing problem after the first page, those tables are losing some words or just empty.
Please kindly help us check again and fix it.

Thank you, waiting for your reply!

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We confirm that customer’s issue is reproduced when we add the rendered HTML pages into the single HTML file or display on a web page. We have logged it in our Issue Tracking System with ID: VIEWERNET-2091 to investigate it further.

As a workaround, you can display or embed the rendered HTML pages within the iframe tag and it will resolve the issue. You can download this sample application which renders the document and generates the combined HTML file (in .\Storage\ folder) by adding the rendered HTML pages using iframes (download output). Hope it helps.

Dear Team,

Please see attache file.
Customer found out when the copy the chart from Excel the paste it on word.
Viewer needs to take a long time to read.
Please help ! (149.5 KB)


The rendering time of the document depends upon multiple factors which also include the content of the document. However, we noticed that your provided document is taking longer than the usual time to get rendered. Therefore, we have logged it in our Issue Tracking System (ID: VIEWERNET-2159) for further investigation. We shall get back to you as soon as we have any updates for you.

Dear Sir,

Any update for this case?
Since customer is asking about it.
Please help !


Your reported issue is under investigation at the moment and therefore, we can not provide you with any progress updates. In case this is an urgent and important issue for the customer, you may please avail Paid Support to escalate the issue. Hope it helps.

Dear Team,

Any update for this case?
Please advise when will you fix that bug.
Do you have any schedule?

Thanks a lot !


I am afraid that at the moment we can not provide you with the ETA for the fix because the issue is currently in the analysis phase. We’ll keep you notified as soon as we have any progress updates for you.

Good day !

May I know if there’s any update?
Customer is asking about it.

Thanks a lot !


Your reported issue is still under the analysis phase and hopefully, we’ll soon share some progress updates with you. We appreciate your patience in this regard.


Your reported issue, logged as VIEWERNET-2159, has been resolved and its fix will be available in the upcoming release (v19.10) of GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET. We shall notify you here as soon as v19.10 is released.

Dear Team,

Do you have any schedule about v19.10?
Thanks a lot.