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How to securely view a file using document viewer API

Will this Document viewer can be used as secured document viewer
in the sense like

  1. The user can only view the document but neither print nor download
  2. The user has to be blocked from copying the content
  3. The user could never access the document if the browser goes offline


Please note that GroupDocs.Viewer is a back-end API that provides nearly all possible features that can be performed at the back-end of a document viewer application. It doesn’t contain any built-in viewer control or the UI which makes it more flexible for you to build the applications considering your security requirements.

Since the API only provides the back-end rendering mechanism, you can control and implement these security measures in your front end application. Furthermore, using GroupDocs.Viewer, you would display the rendered document pages (in the form of HTML pages or images), therefore, the end-user would not be able to access/download the original document. Also, you can prefer to use the image-based rendering to restrict the copy/paste of your content.