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How to show Groupdocs viewer in a popup window using an i-frame?


I’m reviewing GroupDocs.Viewer for one of our customers applications.

One of the requirements is to view documents in a popup (modal panel). When we are trying to do this it is denied by GroupDocs showing the following message in the javascript console:

to display
in a frame because it set ‘X-Frame-Options’ to ‘DENY’."

Is there a way to accomplish this?

Hello there,

Sorry to see you get this problem. Let me clarify few things so I can understand the situation better.
Do you use the iframe on the same domain where the application is hosted?
Do you use the default provided sample with the CORS filter enabled?


Hello, no we use the i-frame on the same domain…

our actual problem is that we would like to include the viewer in our own page:
but in our page we already load scripts like jquery, bootstrap.css

Do you have an example integrating the viewer in an existing styled webpage?

so to make it clear: we would actually prefer not to use the i-frame solution.


Thank you for coming back with your details. The GroupDocs.Viewer for Java is a flexible and customizable library , you can configure the front-end as you want. Please check our documentation for how to include it into the PHP Web App here . This documentation will give you the general concepts, as you can configure the GroupDocs.Viewer for Java in a web page. Also, you can check the documentation for customization of triggers here .

If you will have more questions please feel free to contact us.

Best regards
Evgen Efimov
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