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How to show-hide Thumbnails and Print file outside button



1. We are try restrict some tools function from outside viewer,so how to show and hide Thumbnails form outside viewer (using 2 buttons like Enable and Disable),Currently we do show or hide in Thumbnails in groupdocsViewer config parameter ( showThumbnails: true or false)

2.Can print groupdocsViewer content form outside viewer,currently print button also inbuilt,my need is
a.Enable or disable print button from outside viewer,same like in above Thumbnails
b.If click button form outside viewer need to print content of viewer without viewer tools
i am try in my own code but it print tools also ,see the pic

3.Is it possible to add rotate page functionality,bcz all viewer have Rotate function like
“Rotate CounterClockwise” and "Rotate Clockwise"



Hello Aravin,

Thank you for your request. To investigate how to achieve functionality you needed please check “GroupDocsViewerMVCDemo” sample from the package which can be downloaded here -

In this sample you will find how to manipulate the Viewer with JavaScript and HTML

If you will have more questions please feel free to contact us.