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How to Store Annotations in a Database in latest version


I am evaluating Groupdocs Annotation version 16.12. I downloaded the demo example, but in example the annotations are getting stored in a JSON file whereas i need to store the annotations in SQL database.

Do you have any example which shows how to store annotation in SQL database?

I tried to implement the methods to store the annotations to sql database with the help of document provided at but didn’t find any success. some of the methods are conflicting with the original methods from below DLLs.
using GroupDocs.Annotation.Handler.Input.DataObjects;
using GroupDocs.Annotation.Handler.Input;

It will be really helpful if you can provide a demo with SQL database.

Hi Aradhanadave,

Thank you for your inquiry.

Yes currently GroupDocs.Annotation for .NET demo example is working only with JSON file as data source. We have logged your request for demo example with SQL database and our concerned team will look into it. Once we get any update from example team regarding demo example with SQL Database we will inform you here.

Thank you for your patience.

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I also would like to store all JSON data to database.

Are there any updates on this?



@leobarcenas1 and @aradhanadave

Thank you for you inquiry and patience.

Sorry for the delays. We got response from product team regarding this issue. Next Generation GroupDocs.Annotation is storage-agnostic API, this means that it does not support any specific storage (i.e Oracle, MS SQL Server and so on). But it provides abstract interface that you can implement, and for storing data in specific storage. Please click here to view more details.

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Thank you.

This is just what I need.




You are most welcome.

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