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How to take snapshot of document



  • Currently i am using trail license for GroupDocs Annotation for checking whether it fits our requirements.
  • so,what i want to know, is there any way so that i can take snapshot of page of document that currently being annotating.
  • For Example ,if I have pdf file of 5 pages and i am on first page and i draw something on it.After that i want snapshot of that page.
  • so,is it possible to do that ?
  • Can annotation become part of document,means after drawing something can i save my changes to document permanently and can i download that modified documents ?
I have tried many ways like take snapshot using built in class of .net,but it captures entire screen and also if i scroll down my page than it will take snapshot of that region.
Please help me with this problem.

Thanks & regards
Hiren Thesiya


Hello Hiren,

Well, all of these things that you have described, are already present in the GroupDocs.Annotation under the “Export” functionality. If you mean a “screenshot” under the “snapshot” term, then this cannot be reached, because GroupDocs.Annotation works as a web-application and its functionality is limited by the browser capabilities, CSS, and JavaScript engine. It cannot take control over the WinAPI functions, grab a screenshot and save it somewhere.

Instead of this GroupDocs.Annotation can export the annotated document. When performing an export operation, GroupDocs.Annotation takes an original document, makes its copy in the PDF or Word format, embeds all present annotation with or without comments to this newly created document, and sends this document to the client-side.

You can try this feature by yourself, for example, here (1st button on the toolbox, counting from the left side).

If you will have more questions please feel free to contact us.