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How to view 3D PDF files in .NET?

We originally sought help from Aspose 3D team and got redirected to here.

My company develops PDF solutions and is currently looking for 3D viewing capability.

  1. We gave GroupDocs a try and found it unable to open U3D files or display 3D PDF with its viewer. Is there any other tool we can use to add 3D PDF viewing capabilities to our solution?
  2. How many formats does your viewer support? U3D, PRC and other?


Currently, GroupDocs.Viewer doesn’t support viewing 3D PDF files as well as U3D and PRC formats. However, please provide us some sample files so that we can investigate if it is possible to provide support for these formats in the future.

You can view the complete list of supported file formats here.

LVERBUS009.PDF (135.5 KB)
PDF with 3D object.pdf (54.8 KB)
UTMC PD 3D Model 5-6-16.pdf (166.9 KB)

See attached sample files. Let me know if you have good news.


Thanks for providing the sample files. We have logged it in our Issue Tracking System (ID: VIEWERNET-2208) to check if it is feasible to provide support for 3D PDF files. We’ll keep you notified about the updates.


We have got an update for you regarding the ticket VIEWERNET-2208. At the moment, GroupDocs.Viewer supports rendering the 3D objects in the PDF documents as static images and you can not perform the operations such as view selection etc. We are currently investigating if we can add the support of rendering 3D objects into interactive elements. We shall keep you notified in case of any further updates.