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How to view documents in webform

We have upgraded our groupdocs dll from 2.x to 20.x . As expected, none of the existing APIs are working

So, we decided to rebuild our entire document viewing module as per 20.6.1 API standards.
We are using ASP.NET webforms and .net framework version is 4.5.2

We have a web page named DcoumentViewer.aspx. When user wants to view a document (pdf, bmp, jpeg, xls, ppt, pptx), this web page is supplied with document file path and this web page is supposed to show the document.
i have attached a screenshot how it was earlier with version 2.19.

I just couldn’t find an appropriate example to achieve this requirement.
Can some one guide me with a proper example. please don’t point the github documentation. i was not able to find apt example there.most of the examples shown there are rendering the output to a html file by over writing that. which cannot be done with a aspx page.

gs sample.png (88.2 KB)


Please note that we have already discontinued API version 2.x. Secondly, all the releases since 3.x are UI-agnostic.
GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET 20.x is totally a back-end API that could be implemented in any (new or existing) .NET application. The core feature of API is to render or convert any supported source document or file to PDF, Image or HTML formats (depending on your business needs) and save the output at a specific location/directory.
Later, it’s up to you, how you want to display the rendered files in browser or any other application (e.g. Window forms).
The most simple application to understand API work-flow is our console application. Then you can explore our open-source WebForms project.
It’s in your control either to render the source document in HTML, Image or PDF file formats, later you can open the rendered files in ASPX page.
Have a look at this video demo and API documentation.

Thanks for the clarification Atir. I shall plan my module accordingly.
Please correct me if mistaken that this current API will not provide document tool bar as it used to provide in earlier API (2.19).

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Yes, there’ll be no UI elements at all (as the API is totally UI-agnostic). You’ve to design/develop your own tool bar.

If our license permits, can we get the source code for that toolbar if already available with any GROUPDOCS samples?
As, it is hitting our client’s business, we are looking for quick replacements. Please let me know if any kind of ready to use or configurable tool bar source code is available.

Thanks in advance.


We do have open-source UI applications for your ease.

Have a look at this video demo.