How you managing the multiple users the In Groupdocs annotation 18.10 using java


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I am using latest sample spring project from github.
I found that you are setting common storage path for all the users. What if "user A " annotates one file and the other “user B” uses/annotates the same file then he will get all the annotations for by user A and User B . How you are distinguishing between the specific users documents . As in old versions of groupdocs there was XML files. Here I haven’t found any files like that.

Please guide me for this.

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We are investigating your particular scenario. Your investigation ticket ID is ANNOTATIONJAVA-1124. We’ll get back to you after completing the investigation. Your cooperation in this regard will be appreciated.


Ok @sami.cheema . I am waiting for your reply .

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We shall update you as we have any update.



We have an update, currently, GroupDocs.Annotation for Java API doesn’t support this feature. However, as a workaround you could create separate annotated document for each user. Moreover, we have created a simple console application for you, which demonstrate the functionality of creating separate documents for different users. Please use this link to download the project.


Hi @sami.cheema,

Thanks for your response, actually I am using GroupDocs.Annotation for java . Is this feature also not available for java ?



Unfortunately, API doesn’t support such feature at the moment. However, this could be added in any future version. And we shall notify you about that. However, we’ll share a work-around Java project with you. We’ll appreciate your patience in this regard.


Ok. I am waiting for your response .



Sure. We’ll notify you as we have any further update on it.