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HTML comparison with style settings in .NET

I am trying to compare two HTML files using your library.
I create new ComparisonSettings object like in official example:

var settings = new ComparisonSettings();
settings.InsertedItemsStyle.FontColor = System.Drawing.Color.Brown;
settings.InsertedItemsStyle.BeginSeparatorString = "<inserted>";
settings.InsertedItemsStyle.EndSeparatorString = "</inserted>";
settings.DeletedItemsStyle.FontColor = System.Drawing.Color.Aquamarine;
settings.DeletedItemsStyle.BeginSeparatorString = "<deleted>";
settings.DeletedItemsStyle.EndSeparatorString = "</deleted>";

However, when I look on the result file, I see none of this “separation strings”. They just not exist in the content of output file. Why?
PLease, tell me, how could I use this parameter? I need to mark text chunks as inserted or deleted to perform a user-based comparison. I believe this is one of your product features.

Also, I have one more question. When I call ICompareResult.GetChanges() method, I get an array of object. Each object has a zero-based Identifier. Are they used in the output file to identify applied changes? I would appreciate much if you tell me, how this identifiers are used.


Thanks for taking interest in GroupDocs.Comparison for .NET and posting your concerns.
Please share following details:

  • API version you integrated in the project
  • Source, target and output files

API can mark item styles setting. However, please note that API doesn’t maintain or facilitate users management. You can control or manage this feature (user management) in your code.

Yes, the change info you see in ICompareResult.GetChanges() is used in the output file to identify the applied changes.

Please see this output/resultant file - (38.2 KB). We got this output using V19.1.
It does mark deleted and inserted items.

Thank you for your answer. Here are requested details:
API version:
Source, target and outfiles are in archive: (13.6 KB)

Seems like all features are working, but not in case of HTML files.


We have logged this issue for further investigation. Your investigation ticket ID is COMPARISONNET-1802. As we have any further update on it, we’ll notify you.


We have an update on COMPARISONNET-1802. This issue will be fixed in new release of the API. As release gets on-board, we’ll update you.


Your reported issue COMPARISONNET-1802 is now resolved in version 19.3.1. Please download latest release of the API and share your experience.