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HTML to PDF conversion issue

Hello. We have encountered a strange issue with a HTML to PDF conversion on a simple document(test-fail.html). Groupdocs online convertor is failing as well - screenshots attached in the archive. With a small change to HTML document(adding β€œ123” in test-success.html) everything is working as expected.

Can you please clarify what might be the case?

test.7z (233.6 KB)

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We cannot reproduce this issue using back-end API. Please take a look at the output.pdf (169.0 KB). However, it’s been reproduced using the free web app. We’ve created a thread on your behalf at apps forum. Please keep track of it.

Forgot to mention - it’s reproducible only on Linux(Docker image). Local debug of .NET core app on Windows works fine.
Conversion 22.5.0


Could you please share the Docker Image file?

Attached Dockerfile as requested. Most of the conversions that we are using(doc, xlsx, html etc to PDF/PNG) are working fine with a few minor issues.

Dockerfile.7z (960 Bytes)

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This issue is under investigation. Your investigation ticket ID is CONVERSIONNET-5370.