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Huge download size when printing a pdf document

We have a 3mb pdf file (with images) and 200 pages.

When clicking on print, with a quality of 50, it generates 200 jpg files with a total size of 35mb which is unacceptable. Also it takes too long to generate the jpg files (around 1 min)
We don’t want to use UsePdfPrinting method as we don’t want the users to download the pdf file.
Is there a workaround for this?


Thank you for the request. Since you can’t use UsePdfPrinting unfortunately there is no other workaround for such issue.

Also please note that the current Viewer will not be released any more. Soon we will release a next generation Viewer which will have more features and flexibility, because of that I strongly recommend you to wait for it and then migrate. We will provide a documentation for how to migrate on it.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Do you have a timeframe for the release date?

This is urgent. Thank you.


Thank you for the question. According on our support policies I can’t share any release date, I can only say that it will be in this month.

Please be patient and stay tuned with our newsletters.

Best regards.