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I am considering using groupdocs to embed a viewer in my website


We want to be able to support the following basic use case in my website:
Generally we want to embed your viewer in an iframe in a secure way. We have a security model that basically let users view documents based on their permissions. As I understand, the iframe src should be something like “”, which never changes (as long as guid is not changing), the problem we have is that user view document permissions can change in our system so we don’t want to expose this permanent document viewer url in iframe on client side. Do I have a way to achieve something like session based viewing? if not, can you think of any other way I can make groupdocs integration secure?


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Hi Adam,

We're currently investigating your requirements: enhanced security via the embedded IFrame. I'll be able to get back to you tomorrow with the results of our findings.

Many thanks,


Derek Hyland
Developer Support Lead