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I am getting different error in diffrent browser when opening a document in groupdoc viewer


I am using group docs viewer for viewing the doucment in different browser but I am getting error in different browser.

like in safari i am getting “object eventconstructor is not constructor (evaluating new Event())” in start.js

In bootstrap.js "type error: undefined is not a function(evaluating ‘n(document).on(“”,i,t.prototype.close)’)"

and getting same error in chrome

kindly look into the issue

Thanks & regards
Pardeep kumar

Hi Paradeep,

Thank you for your inquiry,

I would like to request you to write down the following information.

1- Version of GroupDocs.Viewer
2- IDE
3- Programming Language

Thanks in advance

version of GroupDocs. viewer is

IDE: Visual studion 2013
Programming Language is c# with MVC UI


Hi Pardeep,

Thank you for the details. As you can see on this screenshot the GroupDocs.Viewer works well in the Safari browser. Also the Viewer library doesn’t use “start.js” - here is a list of all js files that the Viewer use. Since that I can assume that the start.js is a part of your project.

To resolve the issue please migrate to the new Viewer library 3.0 version if possible. If you will need any help with the migration please feel free to create a new forum thread and mark it with 3.0 in the subject. IF you can’t migrate for various reasons please share with us your project example that we can check it and reproduce the issue.

Thank you.