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I am using groupdocs viewer, watermark and redaction SDKs all in one web application. Please let me know what is the minimum memory needed to deploy a web application containing all these SDKs?

SDK Versions:

Watermark = 20.5
Redaction = 21.6
Viewer = 21.2

Web Application Details

Framework = Spring Boot 2.4.8
Servlet Container = Tomcat 9
Packaging = WAR
Distribution Artifact = Docker Images
Container Management = Kubernetes
Current POD Memory Limit = 2GB

Note: Purchased GroupDocs Total for Java OEM License

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We do not recommend any minimum memory allocation. Why? Because it depends on number of factors:

  • File types (e.g. 100KB PDF may take less conversion/rendering time and resources as compare to 100KB AutoCAD file)
  • File’s content (textual, tabular, clipart etc). For example converting a 100KB file with textual content will take less resources and time as compare to 100KB document with clipart, other graphics or tables
  • Multi threading/tasking
  • Number of users performing operations simultaneously

Some of our web applications for example Viewer that is developed on top of GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET API requires at least 16GB of memory to operate/process well.
Therefore, we’d recommend you to perform some tests first. Test the main scenarios and measure system load. It will help you to make a decision about memory allocation.