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Idea about customize Groupdocs into 2 columns

Hi team.
I have developed an application to compare 2 words files: old files and new files
Requirement is to separate result into 2 columns of a table. The left column displays content of the old file and markup deleted content only. The right column displays content of the new file and markup inserted content only.
Here is output example that I want:
image.png (17.4 KB)

My idea is compare 2 times. The first time with option:
ShowDeletedContent = true,
ShowInsertedContent = false,
The second time with option:
ShowDeletedContent = false,
ShowInsertedContent = true,
Then use openxml library to push 2 above output files into 2 column of a table.
However, doing this causes many bugs because playing with xml is hard, time-consuming and risky.
Please tell me whether Groupdocs library can support it in a convenient way or what library could I use to serparate the output as my purpose.


We are looking into this scenario. Your investigation ticket ID is COMPARISONNET-2556. You’ll be notified as there’s any update.