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IE8 issue with integrated mode application pool


Hi, I have a problem that I reproduced with your demo. This happen only with IE8.

I’m using the viewer with the application pool configured in Integrated mode. When i run the site, I get a javascript error. I was able to isolate that code snippet that goes in error (I highlight it in red):
a.q = function(b) {
function c() {
if (0 < arguments.length) return c.equalityComparer && c.equalityComparer(d, arguments[0]) || (c.O(), d = arguments[0], c.N()), this;©;
return d
var d = b;©;
c.t = function() {
return d
c.N = function() {
c.O = function() {
c.notifySubscribers(d, “beforeChange”)
a.a.extend(c, a.q.fn);
a.s(c, “peek”, c.t);
a.s(c, “valueHasMutated”, c.N);
a.s(c, “valueWillMutate”, c.O);
return c
and in detail (highlight in red where goes in error):
notifySubscribers: function(b, c) {
c = c || I;
if (this.cb©) try {
for (var d = this.F[c].slice(0), e = 0, g; g = d[e]; ++e) g &&
!0 !== g.Qb &&
} finally {

The problem seems to happen only when I load the site, then I can use normally the viewer.
I attach also the screenshot of the error from the browser.



We are sorry to hear that you have such issue. To resolve the issue please try to add this code:

<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible"content=“IE=edge” />

to the head section of your web page.