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Image resizing issue


I am trying to convert a xlsx file into jpg and I am also providing a custom width and height however the re-sizing does not take effect. The file in question is attached.


I have tried other formats as well which do not resize: docx, tiff.


Infact, after running the Groupdocs.Conversion demo project with the provided options, the following files were not resized: GroupDocs_Demo.doc, GroupDocs_Demo.jpg, GroupDocs_Demo.mpp, GroupDocs_Demo.vdx & GroupDocs_Demo.xls

Hello Wkhan,

Sorry to see you get this bug. We’ve investigated and reproduced this bug. Our product team was already informed about it. When the fix be released you’ll get a notification. Sorry for the inconvenience.


I am currently evaluating the product and the re-sizing functionality is critical for my project. Could you advise as to when this bug will be fixed?


Hello Wkhan,

Sorry, but currently I’m not able to provide you some timelines. The ticket (CONVERSIONJAVA-56) for this case was registered in our system and when the version including the fix for it will be released you’ll automatically get a notification.