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Images in a doc points to unavailable host when rendered using document viewer API using .NET


I have Word document (*.doc) that has many images with urls pointing to online sources, but the remote host is unavailable.
When I try to convert this document (or event try to get number of pages), GroupDocs.Viewer is trying to connect to remote server and after ca. 20 seconds (per image) is getting timeout. My document has only 145KB / 60 pages, but the conversion/getting number of pages takes 20 minutes :frowning:

How can I block GroupDocs.Viewer accessing the Internet?


Please share with us the following details so that we can investigate your reported issue at our end:

  • Platform (.NET/Java) and version of GroupDocs.Viewer
  • Problematic Word document
  • Source code (can be a simple console application without compilation errors)

I’m using GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET, version 19.10.0

Sample file: (13.5 KB)

Sample code:

using (var viewer = new Viewer(file.FullName))
var htmlViewOptions = HtmlViewOptions.ForEmbeddedResources(“page-{0}.html”);


Thanks for sharing the requested details. We are able to observe that API is taking longer than usual to render the problematic document. We have logged it in our Issue Tracking System (ID: VIEWERNET-2220) for further investigation. We’ll get back to you as soon as we have any updates.


We have got an update for you regarding your issue. At the moment, we don’t have such a feature to block accessing resources from the internet but we can add a new option that will enable you to control the timeout of the web-request. Please confirm if adding such an option will work for you.

Yes, this option would be nice :slight_smile:


Thanks for confirmation.