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Implementing Viewer 3.x With mvc



We’re using viewer 2.19 and now i’m migrating our viewer project. But there is a code block in your sample that i cannot find the class. I added that codeblock’s screen shot as attachment. Where are those two classes? SerializationOptions and DocumentInfoJsonSerializer class?


Hi fkucuk,

Thanks for using GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET API.

It seems that some of the files are in excluded state in the project. Please make sure that all the class files in Helpers folder are included in the project. To do this, click on Show all files button on top of the solution explorer and include all excluded files. This must solve your problem.

In case of any confusion, please fell free to ask.

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Yes you are right there are some excluded files. Thanks for help.

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Hi there,

You are always welcome.

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