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Imported annotations loose collaborator and color

You can export a PDF with its annotations by calling “AnnotationsExporter.Perform”.

The user name and the color of a polyline is exported and shown as expected.

If you import that PDF by “EnableAnnotationsAutoImport(true)” (former annotations and cache are deleted) the annotations are shown as user “guest” and in the used color defined by “PolylineToolOptions”.

If you export it again the polyline is drawn black.

Is there a way to keep the user name and color with autoimport?


We are sorry to hear that you have such issue. We have reproduced it and created a bug ticket. Product team will check and resolve it. Then you will be notified here when the library with this fix will be released.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi Pavel,

replies to comments are exported in a PDF but not imported/shown on EnableAnnotationsAutoImport(true).

This might be due to the guest user the annotations are imported as.

The import feature is the most important to us.

Can you tell us the approximately release date of a fix?

Many thanks in advance!



Hi Phil,

Thank you for the question. Sorry but according on our support policies I can’t share any date.

Also please note that currently we work on releasing a next generation of the Annotation library which will have nothing with current Annotation - it will have more features and flexibility (for example you will be able to build absolutely custom UI). Since that the current Annotation will not be released any more. Your issue should be resolved in the next generation of the Annotation.

I will notify you when it will be available.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


it seems this bug is resolved in GroupDocs 3.

Can you confirm that?



Hi Phil,

Thank you for your question. I will check it and then return to you.

Best regards.