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Incorrect Font Color in Rendering Excel to Html


Issues found in Groupdocs sample document is:

sample.xlsx: Font colour black while actual colour is red.

This issue has been moved from the below thread:


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Hi Puneet,

Thanks for raising this issue.

Since multiple issues in a single thread create confusion, therefore, this thread has been created on your behalf for this specific issue. This issue has been logged as VIEWERNET-756: Incorrect Font Color in Rendering Excel to Html in our internal Issue Tracking System. You will receive a notification in this thread once this issue is resolved.

Best Regards

The issues you have found earlier (filed as VIEWERNET-756) have been fixed in this update.

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Hi Sabir,

thanks for creating this thread. we will also take care of not replicating issue on forum.

please let me know any expected date of fixes for these issue. if you have in your hand.

Puneet Rajak

Hi Puneet,

Thanks for the follow up.

Our product teams have performed an analysis of the issue you reported and have identified that this requires us to introduce a new feature in our rendering engine - Read and Write 3D Text Effects in Excel Spreadsheets. Unfortunately, ETAs can’t be promised to the issues which require implementation of new features because any new feature is implemented subject to the below factors:

1) There should be enough demand of that feature.
2) There should be technical/financial viability of that feature.

The mentioned issue has been logged in our Issue Tracking System and linked to the new feature request. Our product team can implement it once this feature meets the aforementioned criteria. Since this thread is linked with the relevant issue, you will receive an automated notification once the issue is resolved. However, our product has no plan to implement this feature as of now because at this stage, it does not meet the required implementation criteria.

Best Regards