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Incorrect page count shown when previewing html document


(I posted about this a week ago, but the post seems to have vanished somewhere…)

I’m trying out the latest Group Docs Viewer for .NET (2.2.0). Whenever I am previewing a document with .html/.htm extension, regardless of how many pages it has, the Group Docs toolbar is showing the total page count as 0. There don’t appear to be any errors/exceptions logged when this happens.

Please let me know if you’re unable to reproduce the issue (arbitrary .html document should do the trick)



Hello Greg,

Yes, you have posted such request, it is located here: Incorrect page count shown for HTML documents previewed using GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET 2.2.0 ( I’ve also posted an answer here (

During last few days Community Forum was updated several times, maybe, that’s why yours previous private post is not accessible for you now.

Anyway, I am repeating my answer here.


We are sorry to hear that you have such issue. We can reproduce this error, because actually this is not a bug, but a feature. GroupDocs.Viewer splits a document onto a set of pages and shows them one by one only when you are using image-based rendering mode - it requires distinct pages which are rasterized and transferred to the client-side as the images.

However when using HTML-based rendering mode GroupDocs.Viewer doesn’t need to split a document onto the pages. So if document is a single-page (like HTML web-page) then it is displaying as one page in the GroupDocs.Viewer (in HTML-based mode).

If you require some other functionality or have any comments, notes or something else - please post them here, and we will review them.




Thanks for re-posting the answer, Denis.

This feature must be something introduced fairly recently, as my previous Group Docs .dll (dating Aug 8, 2014) was still showing non-zero number of pages when previewing .html/.htm documents… and we’ve been using HTML-based rendering mode for quite a long time now. If this new feature is here to stay, then I think the showing of ‘0’ as the page count still seems somewhat incorrect - and the showing of the [current page/total pages] section of the toolbar for .html/.htm documents seems altogether redundant, if the ‘next page’ and ‘previous page’ buttons aren’t going to actually do anything…

If I’m correct with my assumptions in the previous sentence, would it be possible for GroupDocs Viewer library to take care of this (either show 1/1 without arrows, or hide that pagination toolbar section altogether when appropriate), instead of relying on a client side code (e.g. ours) to make some decisions based on the extension of the document we’re trying to preview?

Hope I’m explaining myself clearly enough, let me know if any clarification is required



Hi Greg,

Thanks for getting back in touch, and for your suggestion.

We’re going to update to remove the pagination controls for HTML formats to avoid this issue entirely, a new version will be available soon which contains this fix.

Many thanks,


Derek Hyland, Venture Lead, GroupDocs (Aspose Pty Ltd)
Office: +1 (214) 329 9760
Skype: derekh.aspose


Thanks Derek, sounds good to me.