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Incorrect rendering of pptx in groupdocs viewer .net version 17.11

Pptx files are not rendering completely in groupdocs viewer .net version 17.11. I am referring to the ASP.NET_MVC_Front_End showcase project and have tried for the sample.pptx and also other pptx but none of them render correctly.


Thanks for using GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET. Would you please share with us the screenshots of the issue in the rendered document? We shall be looking forward to your response.

image.png (59.6 KB)

Hi Usman,

Please find attached the screenshot of html rendering of the sample.pptx


Thanks for your response. We are able to reproduce this issue at our end. The backend GroupDocs.Viewer API is rendering the document without any issue and the issue occurs when the rendered pages are loaded in ASP.NET_MVC_Front_End. However, this issue is fixed in our Modern UI front end. You can download Modern UI application from here.

It is important to inform you that we are discontinuing the support of old front ends including ASP.NET_MVC_Front_End. Therefore, we recommend you to migrate to the Modern UI front end. In case you would face any issue, please feel free to contact us again.


Thanks Usman. I have downloaded the source code from the mentioned link. I wanted to know if this too has zoom-in/zoom-out, page prev-next,first-last and search options?


Yes, all of your desired features are there in the Moder UI front end except for the search option. However, we are also working to provide all the features that were available in the old front ends. We will keep you informed in case of any updates related to the availability of search feature.

Hi Usman,

The Modern UI front end project and project have a huge number of differences and it would not be possible for us to migrate to the modern UI immediately. Is there any way the pptx issues could be resolved in 17.11?

Also, when would the support for old front ends cease? Can you provide some guide for upgrading to new front end from the old one?


Thanks for coming back to us. In that case, we have logged this issue in our GitHub issues as We shall check if there is any possible fix for this issue. We will get back to you in case of any updates.

Currently, we don’t have any information regarding this. However, as soon as we have the updates, we’ll share that with you.

Furthermore, would you please tell us what are the issues you are facing while migrating to the Moder UI front end? Also, please mention the differences you found in both front ends.