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InstanceId feature of groupdocs


Can you please provide any documentation or sample code snippet for Instance ID feature of groupdocs viewer for version 17.1.0 or 17.2.0

Hi Shinde,

Thanks for using GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET.

Can you please elaborate what is meant by “Instance ID feature”? We shall be looking forward to hear from you.

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Hi Usman,

Starting from version 2.13.0, GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET includes a new feature, called InstanceId. In short, this feature allows you to use multiple simultaneous instances of GroupDocs.Viewer, which may have different root storage paths

Please find below link:

I want to know how can we implement above feature within latest version of group docs Viewer.

Hi Shinde,

Thanks for the details.

This feature was related to the legacy GroupDocs.Viewer in which front end UI and the back-end API were integrated with each other. In next generation GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET API (starting from version 3.0.0), the front end UI has been disintegrated and it has now become a back-end API therefore, this feature is not available in the latest versions.

In case you would have any confusion, please do let us know.

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Hi Usman,

Thanks for clarification.

Do we have any provisions in latest version of Groupdocs (17.2.0) to implement this functionality? There should be substituted logic for the same in latest version as it been removed recently but do support in legacy version 2.13.0.

Hi Shinde,

Thanks for your response.

The next generation versions of the API are disintegrated from the front end UI and therefore, you can now use your own logic to implement this functionality in your application as well as in the open source showcase applications. You can implement this in the back-end code using multiple configuration objects to initialize multiple ViewerHandlers with separate storage locations. In each object of ViewerConfig class you can set a different storage path. Following is a sample code snippet that may help you.

ViewerConfig config1 = new ViewerConfig();
config.StoragePath = “d://storage1”;
config.CachePath = “d://storage1//cache//”;

ViewerConfig config2 = new ViewerConfig();
config.StoragePath = “d://storage2”;
config.CachePath = “d://storage2//cache//”;

ViewerHandler HtmlHandler = new ViewerHtmlHandler(config1);
ViewerHandler ImageHandler = new ViewerImageHandler(config2);

Hope it helps.

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Thank you!

Hi Shinde,

You are welcome.

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