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Integrate annotation API in ASP.NET MVC project

I’m having a project developed on Visual Studio 2010 and SQL Server 2008 ( MVC)

My Projecti is document approval system and I want to integrate group docs annotation so users can annotate and highlight pdf/image documents

  • Is there any complete guide available on how to integrate group docs annotation in my project (Step by step)

  • How would annotation will save in database?

  • Can People Collaborate on annotations?

  • is there any online demo of groupdocs annotation?



Thanks for your inquiry.

You may find following resources helpful:

Please note that GroupDocs.Annotation is platform independent and a storage-agnostic API, this means that it does not support any specific storage (i.e. Oracle, MS SQL Server and so on). But it provides abstract interface that you can implement, and use for storing data in specific storage. For details about this feature, please visit this article.

GroupDocs.Annotation API permits developers to do collaborators/user management. You can perform following operations:

  1. Adding Collaborator
  2. Getting Collaborator
  3. Updating Collaborator
  4. Deleting Collaborator
  5. Managing Collaborator Rights

Learn more about it in this article

Yes, we have developed some sample showcase projects for your ease here which saves annotations in the JSON file. We would also recommend you to try our Modern UI showcase that is more simple, efficient and, user-friendly. Furthermore, these showcase projects are open-source, you may enhance them to any extent or as per your use-case.