Integrate GroupDocs Viewer for PPTX in Spring project java



I am working on to display my saved PPTX file to reperesent it in front end with the help of your product.
But unable to procceed.

I am new to this.I am trying to understand the information provided by you on Github.
But unable to get it.
Please help me to start using this Viewer.

Using Jdk 1.8
GroupDocs.Viewer_17.2.0 jar




Thanks for taking interest in GroupDocs APIs. GroupDocs.Viewer for Java is a back-end document rendering API that allows you to render the document pages as HTML pages or images (depends on user’s preference). Each page of the document is rendered into a separate HTML page or image. Finally, you can view/display these HTML pages or images in your front end application. The API also allows you to render the document as a PDF document. Furthermore, you can apply watermark and rotate or reorder the rendered HTML pages or images. We would recommend you to evaluate the features of the product using Example project. For details, please visit the product’s documentation.

The showcase application is developed for the users to get help on integrating and using GroupDocs.Viewer for Java API in a front-end application. You can download this application to learn about the working of the API. In case you would have any issues, please feel free to contact us here.




We are facing issue while converting PPTX slides to the HTML page.
While converting each slide to HTML page slide not getting properly converted.
We are facing some alignment issues while converting.

Have attached the Image of converted slide.

Bottom Legends are going right side,not properly aligned.
Horizontal Lines are coming;which is hidden in the PPTX file.

Can you Please Help us.

Also, are you using aspose for converting this slides ?

ErrorSlide.PNG (27.6 KB)



Thanks for providing the details.

Would you please share with us the problematic PPTX file so that we could investigate the issue at our end?


We look forward to hearing from you.




Thanks for the information.

I have aatached Sample PPTX file in which we are facing (92.2 KB)



Thanks for providing the problematic document. We have successfully reproduced the issue of alignment of bottom legends in your provided PPTX document. Would you please also share with us the document you used in ErrorSlide.PNG screenshot? We look forward to your response.




I have attached the zip which contains sample PPTX file. (92.2 KB)



Thanks for your response. We have logged your reported issue in our internal Issue Tracking System (with ID: VIEWERJAVA-1560) for further investigation. We’ll keep you informed in case of any updates.




Any update on the above ?

Pratik Mange



Thanks for coming back. The issue is under investigation, and currently, we don’t have any updates to share with you. In case we have any useful information, we’ll keep you informed. We appreciate your patience and cooperation.