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Integrate .NET app with Java Project



I have implemented the java libraries, but have ran into an issue because some of the libraries are still in development.

That being said, is there a way to integrate the .NET implementation with a Java Project.

Maybe through a web service or something like that ?

I have looked for this under the FAQ section but have not seen any answers.




Hi John,

Thank you for the request. Yes, it’s possible but you will need to run the .NET part as a separate web site (or service) which will handle the ajax request. Unfortunately from your request is not clear for which exactly our library you need the documentation so I will share it for how to do that with the Viewer (it describes how to integrate the Viewer in to the PHP app but the idea and logic will be the same for all platforms - HTML and JavaScript all the same).

Best regards.



We have a front end to our application which is handled in angular so it seems it would be possible to encompass the .NET viewer in this application ?

Is there an example project for the php or javascript/css implementation for the viewer ? I have downloaded the examples, but I don’t see one that specifies either implementation.


Hi John,

Sorry but we don’t have such example because all described in the documentation shared earlier can be done with any of our examples - you just need to run the sample and use it’s URL for the integration.

As for the Angular - yes, it should work.

Best regards.