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Integration of groupdocs viewer and annotator for java



I am developing a java web app/tool for annotating a file document of my choice. I came across groupdocs viewer of which it offers the exact functionality that I want. Please assist me who the integration process. I tried but I seem to be failing. Take me step by step because I do not know of what to.

Hello ,

Thank you for your inquiry.

First, you should know that for annotating on the office documents we have GroupDocs.Annotation for Java library and this library differs from the GroupDocs.Viewer for Java library that we have . So if you will need to annotate the document then you can use only the Annotation library with out Viewer library.

To start using our Annotation library you can download our demo examples here . In these examples you will find the detailed instructions (readme files) for how to run them.

Also you can investigate our documentations for this library here .

If you will have more questions please feel free to contact us.


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Evgen Efimov
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