Invalid client error on node js parse

Good afternoon, I ran into an invalid client problem when trying to parse a document, all the paths are correct, I think the error lies in my access keys
BOOK_READER_CLIENT_ID is the Client Id that is listed in my application and BOOK_READER_CLIENT_SECRET is the Client Secret that is listed there
Here is the piece of code I am trying to run

async readBook(req, res, next) {
        try {
            const book = await BookModel.findById(;

            if (!book) {
                return res.status(404).json({message: 'Книга не найдена'});

            const config = new Configuration(
            const parseApi = new ParseApi(config);
            const fb2FilePath = path.join(__dirname, `../uploads/books/${book.fileName}`);

            const fileBytes = fs.readFileSync(fb2FilePath);

            const parseOptions = new ParseOptions();
            parseOptions.filePath = 'document.fb2';

            const response = await parseApi.parse(new ParseRequest(parseOptions, fileBytes));

            const parsedText = response.text;

            <title>FB2 Parsing</title>
        } catch (e) {

And here is my answer when a try to send book id

{ message: 'invalid_client', code: 400 }

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