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Is GroupDocs.Assembly combined with GroupDocs.Viewer?

I would like to build a form on my webpage, with this form I will collect data for a quote, this quote has to be downloadable as pdf document. All de inputdata has to be safed in a database table, one record per quote, these records will be the leads… Is the GroupDocs Assembly combined with the viewer what I’m searching for?
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Hi Amanda,

Many thanks for getting in touch, apologies for the small delay in getting back to you.

Currently our Document Assembly product allows data to be generated from a questionnaire, this answer data can also be retrieved via our API.

Are you planning on integrating this into your own platform or will a third party be doing the work for you?

If you can give me more details about the platform and development language that you are using (PHP, .NET, Java etc..) I can prepare some samples for you to show you how to go about integrating GroupDocs Assembly using the GroupDocs Assembly API SDK.

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Derek Hyland
Development Support Lead