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Is groupdocs.viewer actually virus?


When I try to download your msi it is reported from my system as a virus. I have Windows 8.1 64 bit edition. I am administrator on my system. As a developer I am installing and testing quite large number of libraries and I not very often have such experience especially not from serious companies. Does not matter if I am trying to do this from IE or Chrome. Please take a look in attachments.



GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET is not a virus, this is a false alarm. GroupDocs.Viewer is provided within a standard MSI installer. When you launch it, the GroupDocs.Viewer will be installed to the “Program Files” folder.



I understand that, but I can provide you with a thousands of msi which are not acting like that. Is there really no chance to fix this?



You are the first user, who note viruses in our MSI packages, no one has talked about this before you. If you really believe that MSI contain viruses, and do not want to download it, you can download the same GroupDocs.Viewer, but in the ZIP archive.


Please, how could I not notice it when even if I try to start your msi, it warns me that if I run it, I put my PC at risk. Now I don’t understand this. Such an expensive, sophisticated library and you can’t solve tedious problem with virus (or whatever) warning? How can I deploy my program in some bank or military institution with such leak? Do you think my customers will have understanding for this? I don’t believe it is a big problem for you. Can you at least explain why this is happening?



We are really sorry to hear that your system responded in a such way on our MSI. In the message that you received no reports about any viruses, it mention that your system doesn’t recognized app. The reason of such message could be that this library doesn’t downloaded often - because we just released new version of the library. You can safely install it their is no viruses or other security leaks. For example just to be sure that it safe you can download the library and then check it with your antivirus. For example here is a screenshot of such checking.