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Is it possible to prepopulate the cache?


If we go forward with Groupdocs we have a use case where users will not want to wait for documents to render real time. Some of our files take 10-20 seconds to render and they want it instant.

What we would like to do is code a backed process that would have Groupdocs render a group of files ahead of time then view them later.
Is there an API to kick off the rendering of an object from c# code and not in a browser/app?
Is there a way to make the viewer use the existing cache object?



Hello Kevitra,

Thank you for your request. Yes, we have such feature in our Viewer. You need to create an object of DocumentsCache class and then simply call one of the methods for cache generating, if you use HTML based mode you will need to call GenerateHtml, in case using image based mode of the Viewer you will need to call GenerateImages method. Please check this documentation for more info.

Best regards.