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Is it possible to sign a PDF with a certificated from Azure Key Vault in .NET

This might be the same question as this, but unfortunately it’s private:

Basically we want to sign a PDF file with a certificate stored in the Azure Key Vault.
We know that it’s possible to export the certificate first and then sign it,
but we would really like to keep the certificate in Azure, as it’s more secure than downloading it.

There is a blog post describing that you’d need to implement “IExternalSignature” interface for that.

Does Aspose or GroupDocs provide such an interface implementation that we could use to make the signing call to Azure?
Or is there some other method that would support such a scenario?

@Clemens_Pestuka, thank you for the request.
We started to receive similar requests recently. Once asked for this feature we made an investigation to define the efforts and impact on library size and dependencies. After that we decided not to implement this in the GroupDocs.Signature library. But having these requests we decided to implement Azure related features in the separate library. Our roadmap probably could be extended with this feature to be implemented later this year. I would assume to check back later in a month to double check on this request again. Thank you!

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Thank you for information.
Yes please let me know when request made it on the roadmap.

Hi @Clemens_Pestuka

After Roadmap review we scheduled investigation on late September / early October.
So let me update you on this topic in 2 month in the middle of October after we completed investigation to receive more realistic release date for this feature.
But so far this library will handle the same implementation to retrieve certificate stream from the Azure to sign the document.
I wonder about future possible implementation as an Azure micro-service to keep the data fully in the Azure clouds but this will also will require more investigation analysis.
thank you!
UPD. The roadmap ticket is the SIGNATURENET-3606

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