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Is there a way to position the toolbar?


I’d like it to default in the upper-left side of the document.


Hello Jason,

We are sorry to hear that you have such issue.

By default GroupDocs.Annotation for .NET places Annotation tools panel on the left upper corner, 30 points below the upper header panel. Like on this screenshot:

It seems that there is some CSS conflict between GroupDocs.Annotation and other CSS-code on the page that you have provided. It will be very-very helpful for us if you make this page available on the Internet. In such case our developers will be able to analize it and find out the reason of the error.

Thanks and waiting for your response.


Hello Jason,

Thank you for providing an access to your web-site. Our developers were able to reproduce the error and will fix it soon. We plan to release a major version 1.4.0 (which contains a lot of fixes and improvements) at this week but if you want to obtain the library as soon as possible, we can prepare fixed version especially for you.

We are sorry for this annoying bug and waiting for your response.