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Issue in PDF comparison in Java

I was trying your free trial to compare PDF by using maven dependency

But after execution of code,I get result PDF as blank with watermark evaluation copy only.
Could you please help me how can I get comparison result using java API without using license.


Please have a look at these evaluation limitations. However, in order to avoid that, you can avail a temporary license here in the purchase wizard. This temporary license is actually a time-restricted full license.

Thanks for directing me in correct direction.
Could you please help me to understand how can I hide data to get compare in PDF comparison.


Could you please share more details on this scenario? Do you want to exclude some content from the comparison process?

If I do not want specific section to get compare from both PDF ,so Is there any functionality available to mask that section while comparison using comparison java API.

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API provides a feature to apply or discard specific changes between source and target documents and save resultant document with (or without) selected changes. Please have a look at this documentation article. This is the only way to exclude/skip the difference.
How this is useful?
For example, you are comparing two PDF files and there a paragraph that has a style change (e.g. bold in source document and regular in target document). You can reject this change and it’ll not appear or reflect in the resultant document.
If it still not meet your requirements. We’d encourage your to further elaborate your scenario with some use-cases and we’ll investigate them.

I tried compareAction to avoid some differences which I dont want.
But still it is coming in output result as difference.
Invoice.pdf (53.6 KB)
Invoice1.pdf (51.6 KB)
Trying to compare these 2 PDF by implementing ChangeInfo[] changes = comparer.getChanges();

                comparer.applyChanges(resultStream, new SaveOptions(),new ApplyChangeOptions(changes));

but still it is showing 5777 in result PDF as diff which is expected should get rejected.
attaching result PDF as well.
My requirement is to avoid Section bill to service period from comparisonresult-compareMultiplePdfDocuments.pdf (130.9 KB)

can we have one demo session on it?


Please have a look at this screenshot.png (95.4 KB). In “without rejection.pdf”, you can see that 5777 is highlighted as a deleted item. However, in “with rejection.pdf”, API didn’t highlight or reflect it at all.
What we think is, you are looking for a solution where you can specify some parts of the documents and want to clearly omit that specific parts difference in the output file.
We are investigating this scenario. Your investigation ticket ID is COMPARISONJAVA-1095. We’ll notify you as there’s any progress update.

Please have a look at the free support policy. All the free support matters are handled over the forum.

I am looking for same

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We’re investigating this scenario.


We only have this feature - accept or reject changes. There is not other option.